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Birchwood Automotive Student Spotlight: Dylan Lucas

Each week we sit down with one of our talented Co-op Students from a variety of majors and discuss their experience working as part of the Birchwood Team.

Dylan Lucas, Lease Accounting Specialist

Q: Why did you decide to work at Birchwood?

A: “Ever since the purchase of my first car I had always had an interest in the automotive industry. I found the whole purchasing process to be quite exciting. In 2014 I joined ADESA part time as a vehicle inspector and began to acquire hands-on knowledge of the automotive industry. It was through ADESA that I began to learn more about Birchwoods wholesale process. I had always known about Birchwoods reputation as a trustworthy and reliable company that serves the province of Manitoba. When I saw the job posting on the asper career portal I jumped at the chance to learn more about Manitoba’s number one automotive dealer. I always felt privileged to work for possibly the most well-known company in the province.”

Q: How does the nature of your job at Birchwood relate to your degree and/or career of choice?

A: “Starting with my first summer work term at Birchwood GM I began to apply my knowledge of Finance and Accounting in an industry setting. Being part of a large and fast paced dealership was exciting. Learning about how a dealership operates from sales to fixed operations greatly increased my knowledge of the business. Moving on to Birchwood Credit Solutions in September 2015 I had the opportunity to apply my knowledge of Finance and Accounting in an even more technical setting. The projects that Candace gave me were challenging and added to my understanding of how a leasing company works. My summer term at Birchwood Credit Solutions gave me a wealth of knowledge about lease accounting and the operations of Birchwood Credit Solutions. I feel my Birchwood experience has better prepared me for my current role as an Auditor with Meyers Norris Penny, and the modules of the CPA program.”

Q: What have you found valuable from your time here?

A: “Combined with the learning experience of Finance and Accounting, the extra activities that I was able to participate in added an even greater value to my work term. For example, the presentation that I was required to make to the executives at the summer student luncheon better prepared me for my future career in business. I always think to myself at no other summer job would I have had the opportunity to make a presentation to the executives of the company. Being able to spend the day golfing with Birchwood’s executives was a blast. Getting to know so many people, managers, and executives within the company was a great network opportunity that may not have happened if I worked anywhere else.”

Q: What did you/have you enjoyed the most from being at Birchwood?

A: “With no hesitation, I say the people that I worked with every day was what I enjoyed the most. Every morning I got up excited to go to work and see all of my friends. The bond with my team at Birchwood Credit Solutions was greater than I had anywhere else. The entire summer I was not looking forward to the day I had to leave, but I knew it was something I wanted to do. On my last day, I think I almost cried or maybe even did cry a little… It is the people that make Birchwood the best company to work for. I think the awesome events that Birchwood puts on is a reward to their employees for being so great. I will always keep in contact with my friends at Birchwood.”

Q: Share something about yourself as a student, and more importantly, as an individual that we should know about you.

A: “As a student in University, I was usually tried to be quiet and not to draw any attention to myself. I seldom participated in any school events or activities. My time at Birchwood helped me get out of my shell a bit and explore the many great things there are to be had. After my first summer at Birchwood, I joined the University of Manitoba Investment Group and had the opportunity to travel to New York to visit financial firms such as JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Brookfield, and others. I participated in the stock market challenge and did well enough to win a prize. Any event that Birchwood put on I was always sure to attend. My time with Birchwood motivated me to participate in more events and groups.”

Q: Are there any funny stories from your time at Birchwood?

A: “Every single day there was something funny that happened at work. So many that I can’t pick a particular one. I just remember sitting in the lunchroom at lunchtime laughing with my fellow co-workers and managers. We were probably laughing about some things I shouldn’t mention in this questionnaire :)… Everyone had their running jokes and pranks that they would pull on others. You never knew what was going to happen when you came to work, and always had to be on the lookout for someone about to pull a prank, or surprise you with a Birthday/Graduation cake etc.”

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