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Birchwood Automotive Student Spotlight: Michael Gussakovsky

Each week we sit down with one of our talented Co-op Students from a variety of majors and discuss their experience working as part of the Birchwood Team.

Michael Gussakovsky, Special Projects Manager

Q: Why did you decide to work at Birchwood?

A: “I have just started my fourth term at Birchwood and the reason I keep coming back is because there’s room for growth, the management team wants you to succeed, and my co-workers are great.”

Q: How does the nature of your job at Birchwood relate to your degree and/or career of choice?

A: “It’s very relevant since my majors are Finance and Leadership. A lot of my projects had to do with financial analyses as well as change management.”

Q: What have you found valuable from your time here?

A: “I have found the student events to be beneficial for meeting each other and the management team. As well, I have found team-based events to be crucial for team development. We, at CWA, are a family.”

Q: What did you/have you enjoyed the most from being at Birchwood?

A: “I’ve enjoyed the culture/team here at Birchwood. It’s definitely a great place to work, and that’s why I keep coming back.

I also really liked working with my friends. There are 4 other individuals that I had a pleasure of working with as I am good friends with them.”

Q: Share something about yourself as a student, and more importantly, as an individual that we should know about you.

A: “I’m sometimes known as the current Mr. Asper amongst students within and outside my faculty. I currently hold the title of most involved (with extracurricular activities) individual with over a dozen positions held as a student (ranging from founder of the leadership organization to the president to the coordinator of charities, to planning the largest student-run networking event in the country – Business Banquet)

I am an informal ambassador for Birchwood within Asper. Students nowadays come see me to see if they can apply for Birchwood and to get my advice on how to go about it.”

Q: Are there any funny stories from your time at Birchwood?

A: “It’s hard to pin point a time that was funny because we laugh on a regular basis. We consistently keep each other entertained. As well, time over time, we have a potluck or we go somewhere all together for team bonding experiences.”

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