#SEMA Day Three Highlights

The SEMA Show is an automotive parts and car show that attracts suppliers, dealers, manufacturers, and fans from around the world to look, buy, document and sell their products. The show let’s all those who attend share their passion for anything and everything automotive including OEM manufacturers including Ford, Chevrolet, Honda, Toyota, KIA, and even Hyundai.

Day 3

SEMA resumed with full force on day three, as thousands more attended the show. The big news today came from KIA, as they showed off their new “autonomous and self-driving” cars ranging from SUV’s with tracks, to triathlon themed KIA Niro.


The Sorento Gondola is a self-driving, snow thrashing, mountain climbing machine that can handle whatever Jack Frost can throw at it.


While the Soul First Class provided luxury and style, as it featured a posh white interior, and Rotiform “Salad Spinners”.

The triathlon styled Niro allows athletes to “grab and go” with all gear and even features massaging seats that let you kick back and relax while the car does the driving.

Stay tuned for more information about the KIA autonomous and self-driving cars and the SEMA Show.

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