Birchwood Automotive Student Spotlight: Miranda Ewashko

Each week we sit down with one of our talented Co-op Students from a variety of majors and discuss their experience working as part of the Birchwood Team.

Miranda Ewashko, Marketing Coordinator

Q: Why did you decide to work at Birchwood?

A: “My position was a co-op position through the Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba. This position caught my attention through Birchwood’s respected reputation as well as the unique opportunity this role had.”

Q: How does the nature of your job at Birchwood relate to your degree and/or career of choice?

A: “Majoring in actuarial mathematics, my role in marketing did not directly relate to my degree. However, I was surprised by the amount of work that I found could further my major through transferable skills. I will be able to carry out many of the interpersonal, analytical and computer skills that were used daily throughout my summer.”

Q: What have you found valuable from your time here?

A: “I was able to see just how each department works together and the importance of each position. I truly enjoyed working with a flat organisation where I could see exactly how my work was farthing the success of the company. I was able to receive direct feedback and always had someone there for my questions.”

Q: What did you/have you enjoyed the most from being at Birchwood?

A: “The work environment at Birchwood is like no other experience I have had. I was welcomed immediately and felt like I was part of the family. This made coming to work enjoyable and allows for a student to grow the most.”

Q: Share something about yourself as a student, and more importantly, as an individual that we should know about you.

A: “I am extremely outgoing and enjoy getting involved. This includes the National Business School Conference organising committee, mentoring, case competitions, and coaching. Everyone I meet says a marketing position is a perfect fit for me. I believe this is the reason everyone is shocked to find out that I love math and my true passion is derivatives and annuities.”

Q: Are there any funny stories from your time at Birchwood?

A: “At the summer student golf tournament, poor Dylan got stuck with the team of girls. This was an excellent way to take off the pressure to meet the executives. On the 14th hole, the girls burst into “You’re The One That I Want” and continued with the Grease soundtrack for the next couple holes. Thankfully we were all able to laugh off the embarrassment we caused him.”

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