Birchwood Automotive Group Women

Women in Automotive Leadership Summit

This year’s Women in Automotive Leadership Summit looked to support, develop, and further the careers of women in the automotive industry. The summit celebrates the diversity and gender equality seen within Birchwood Automotive Group. WIAL was created to address stereotypes and develop a program that brings us together to offer support and inspiration at all levels.

At the 2018 Women in Automotive Leadership Summit, Birchwood team

members, general managers, directors, and executives were invited to discuss, interact, and network amongst each other. Guests were treated to key note speaker, Maria Soklis, and trade show booths featuring Keith Macpherson, Addison Herosian, Denise Zaporzan, and Wallace Greenlay. Following the speakers, all were invited to a networking reception where they could interact and build relationships throughout the levels of Birchwood Automotive Group.

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